Ulana Lauhala

Ulana Lauhala

Aloha! Thanks for stopping by. Please read on to learn about my perspective on Ulana Lauhala (weaving with Pandanus leaves).

Lauhala is incredible. It consists of the leaves from the Pandanus Tree, this material has been used by Polynesians and cultures across the Pacific and Southeast Asia for thousands of years. Think of the canoe sails on double-hull voyaging canoes, floor mats inside hale, thatching, even pillows!

This tradition has transcended into a high-end art form ranging from handbags to intricate placemats. BeachGoddessShells takes pride in the process, you’ll see the difference. 

Each leaf is sustainably harvested from the Big Island. All color variations are natural. My lau is harvested from the various ahupua’a of Kona, Puna, and Hilo.

Thanks to my treasured kumu, Hulali Jewel of Kona, I have slowly learned the techniques and knowledge of weaving. She continues to graciously teach and share spending her precious time overseeing the progress of her haumana of all levels thus, perpetuating the cultural practice of Hawaiian lauhala weaving in Hawaii.

BeachGoddessShells offers luxury lauhala products with a modern vibe like high-quality bangles, lined handbags, and unique accessories.

Order a keepsake for your own collection today!

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