Are all of your shells from Hawaii?

Absolutely yes! Each one was handpicked in Hawaii. That includes our puka shell accents, shells on a beaded anklet, and all of the shells used in BeachGoddessShells designs. Our shells were found legally (not in an off-limits area or preserve) and empty from it's tenant (snail, crab, etc.).

Are your freshwater pearls from Hawaii?

No, oysters/freshwater pearls are not farmed in Hawaii. Freshwater pearls are imported from oversea countries in Asia. A colored pearl is a natural pearl with a color enhancement or treatment. Each pearl has natural variations and they come in extraordinary shapes.

Can I exchange my lauhala bracelet for another size?

No, lauhala products are final sale. 

What size anklet am I?

  1. Take a string and connect it around where you want the anklet to rest and measure the string in inches. Crystal glass anklets should not be worn too tight or too loose.
  2. The photo below shows a size 9.75" ankle, this person should order an anklet size 10" up to size 11".
  3. Add space if the design includes large beads or a wide shell.
  4. Our anklets do not stretch.


How do I buy an anklet for someone else?

  1. If you are gift shopping use the chart below:

What lauhala bangle size am I?

  1. If you are gift shopping use hand size: S/M/LG/XL
  2. For yourself; Place your hand so that the fingertips of your thumb and pinky are almost touching.
  3. Use a soft measuring tape or string and wrap it around your hand at the widest part, usually this is around the thumb knuckle and the pinky knuckle, whichever is wider.
  4. Get a nice, snug measurement. Remember that lauhala bangles unless otherwise noted are FLEXIBLE.
  5. That number in inches is your bangle size. For example, if it measures 7.5", then your bangle size is 7.5".
  6. The photo below shows a size of 8.75”

Are your products real gold?

Yes, if it says 14k gold.

We offer a selection of products, look for:

14k Gold-Filled: A great alternative to solid gold jewelry. It is a pressure bonded layer of gold that is much more durable than plated and does not tarnish. The pressure bonded gold is 5% of the metal. It is an economical way to buy and enjoy gold. 

What is gold-plated?

It is a gold tone metal that is considered fashion jewelry. It's fun, affordable and super shiny. See below:

Gold Plated: A very thin coat of gold, usually .05% or less is plated over brass or copper. Fashion jewelry will tarnish over time revealing the metal underneath.

Keep a bag of silica gel in your jewelry box to keep moisture out. Dry after getting wet.

What is your return policy?

See our return policy.